A few notices!

  1. This website has moved to derykmakgill.com. My Twitter is likewise @derykmakgill now.
  2. My son was born October 19th!
  3. You can email me at derykmakgill@gmail.com.
  4. Any articles claiming I’m an identitarian or a nationalist are laughably false and based on an article retracted months ago. Not only that, I’ve written here on the blog about my views on the subject and anyone who has followed me knows I’m not. One day I might write a post about it but I feel no need to since everything was deleted.

Thanks for reading this site over the years! 2018 was our best year ever at over 100,000 views and it fully funded the entire year for me. 2019 was slow because of everything going on in my life. 2020 will be incredible.