Collecting “The Fountainhead”

I’ve been collecting original art and bits of historical material that can serve as art for a while now. There’s this great quote from Rand that I read years ago which first got me into doing it and I’ve been building up myself store ever since:

Art is man’s metaphysical mirror; what a rational man seeks to see in that mirror is a salute; what an irrational man seeks to see is a justification—even if only a justification of his depravity, as a last convulsion of his betrayed self-esteem.

I’ve made no secret that many of my interests have centered around my favorite novel of hers, The Fountainhead, and I was excited to find some original lobby cards from the movie with Gary Cooper recently.

Though I have a mixed opinion of the movie itself, I’ve always loved the stills and the style of the production, and I love having these two pieces hanging around my office now.

They were surprisingly expensive, but it’s rare to see ones in such amazing condition.

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