I’m starting a new company. Meet Pathly.

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Today is bittersweet.

It’s the first day since I’ve wrapped up my work as Director of Marketing at Praxis, which I’ve been building with the incredible team there for last four years and which has been the absolute best part of my life for the entirety of that time. There’s really no way else to describe it. Working on Praxis made my early twenties better than I ever could have imagined and I’m proud of what we accomplished while I was there. Thanks Isaac, T.K, Cameron, Chuck, Sara, and everyone else!

I know Praxis and my friends and teammates there are continuing on to do great things, but it’s hard to say goodbye. So I won’t, because it isn’t really goodbye at all.

Now…it’s also an exciting day too because I can announce that I’m launching a new company, Pathly.

Pathly offers on-demand career mentorship and advice for people who want to launch a great career. Need help navigating an application process? No problem. We’ll connect you to a professional who has real experience, not a “coach,” who can help you sidestep barriers and competition. Worried you’re not qualified? We can help you brand yourself in a way that sells. Have specific professional questions you need answers to? Done. And of course, no degrees are required. In fact, we’d prefer you didn’t have one. Our product is officially live for purchase now, so check it out!

What people have said

I’ve tested the product a lot over the last few months. Here are what a few people who I spoke with directly had to say about their experience on a call:

“…such an insightful and resourceful mentor. He is really a “different” career coach. He gave me some really practical suggestions that I have not hear from elsewhere, and I can apply right away. 100% recommend.”

…gave me excellent insight in three different topics where he is highly knowledgeable. We discussed how to build a strong online personal brand, craft an effective value proposition to get hired, and how to empower myself through self-directed learning. It’s totally worth the investment

I was hesitant at first — because there are lots of people out there that charge more than what they’re worth — but I don’t regret my decision and I would have paid MUCH more now knowing what value I would get from the call.

Not bad! I think we can do even better as we learn and grow as a business.

Moving forward

I’m just as committed today as I was yesterday to destroying credentialism and charlatanism at home and broad. Pathly is one cog in that wheel. Here’s something I wrote up about Praxis while in Prague a few years ago. It remains true for Praxis and I hope it can be truth for Pathly as well:

We aren’t “against college.” We’re for expanding options for young people. We’re for self-directed education and learning while doing.

We see a world where education and production happen at the same time and where young people pursue what makes them come alive rather than the often arbitrary standards set by third party institutions.

We aren’t against classroom learning. We’re for an a la carte approach to your education — learn what you need and want to learn. Some of that might include a college course, but it will also include resources outside of college. Praxis exists to create these resources and to help you create them for yourself.

We aren’t against college debt. We’re for thinking critically about what you want and making the best decision accordingly.

We aren’t against the standard career path. Praxis is simply the recognition that, more and more, you are your company at a fundamental level. You are responsible for actively creating the brand, the product, and the service that is you.

The future is uncertain and companies, even entire industries, will come and go. Praxis is for constantly investing in the one thing that is certain — yourself. We recognize that the best asset is not a list of boxes you check for a particular job or field, but the skills, experiences you accumulate, and most importantly, the portfolio that you create as you go through your life.

We’re for taking charge of your career, sidestepping barriers and industry norms and building your job over and over. Praxis participants are often at once startup marketers and philosophers, novelists and software developers, photographers and business men and women.

We aren’t against certifications. We believe the best “certificates” are the value you create. We’re for a “show, don’t tell” world where people demonstrate competence, reliability, and skill through a constant process of creating projects and shipping them in the real world.

Rather than taking a course to get a certificate, Praxis participants create that course. Rather than studying for at test, Praxis participants write a book or record a podcast. Rather than taking a class on web design, Praxis participants build a website.

We aren’t against the world of ideas. We don’t recognize a distinction between ideas and practical reality. We don’t think it’s necessary for a young person to choose between a career in business and a career in the arts, sciences, or humanities.

We know both can reinforce the other and we work with our participants daily to blend the two.

The concrete details about the program have evolved over the last three years. We’ve refined, modified, improved, and grown spectacularly. One thing has remained constant, though. At our core, Praxis is about creating free individuals.

Pathly, along with my writing and the Nakamoto Studies Institute will be my focus moving forward. I’ll be creating a ton of great resources for the website, building out marketing funnels, working with contractors, and most importantly, talking to customers. We’re also hiring if we find the right person. Send me an email if that’s you.

If you’ve followed along with our work at Praxis, thank you. Keep following them. I hope you’ll join me with Pathly as well.

P.S. for drama peddlers: Watch this. My relationship with the Praxis team couldn’t be better. They’re some of my best friends in the world. I’ve got a poster of us hanging in my office. Our goals are 100% aligned and they’re building a great product that you should consider if you’re an aspiring young professional who wants to sidestep college and launch you’re career now. Reviews don’t lie.

My book is also coming out soon and it’s a compilation of much of what I wrote during my time at Praxis as well as a ton of the incredible material they wrote. We aren’t done working together now or in the future, I’m sure.