Satoshi’s emails are now at (Satoshi Nakamoto Institute Cash)

For a while now I’ve been a bit troubled by the fact that much of Satoshi’s original writing is most accessible on a site that I think is openly hostile to the original intent of Bitcoin.

I registered the domain (name subject to change) a few months ago after a reader suggested I make my next project to host all of his writings on a site that can be trusted to put these writings into their proper perspective.

The recent purging of some of Daniel Krawisz’s articles and SNI’s refusal to invite him to their dinner party made very clear to me the importance of having a new place for Bitcoin Cash users to send people who want to read Satoshi Nakamoto’s original writings, so I created it.

At, I’ve posted all of Satoshi’s main emails and am in the process of hosting other private correspondence from him as well as his forum posts and secondary literature.

You can view the emails here

If I can find the time to put the work in (open to help and support) I will add commentary, further reading, and cross references to each email to help contextualize them with a broader understanding of Bitcoin and its future in Bitcoin Cash.

Take a look and let me know what you think!