Writing in Slovenia

In Slovenia last year I did some of the best writing I’ve ever done. That’s at least my own totally unbiased estimation of my work. Moments like the one I experienced are rare in my writing. I blog every single day and yet I’m lucky if I experience that once a month.

I don’t consider it something magical. It’s something you habituate yourself into in a sense, like an Olympic sprinter who runs and incredible time in the 100 meter dash. That sprinter might not equal that time for months. He might never equal that time again. And yet it  was all the lesser times leading up to it that made it possible.

This is how I approach writing. Slovenia Moments, as I’ve started calling them, are made possible by all the head bashing and drudgery you do every other day. I won’t always experience them but when I do it will be worth it.

As a general rule, don’t trust any artist who says their talents or inspirations come out of nowhere. They lack self awareness or they are falsely humble. Trust me, they earned that Slovenia Moment. And if you want it too, start doing your art now.

Slovenia was incidentally one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever visited. I look forward to going back sometime.

I visited on a layover I had after speaking in Sarajevo, Bosnia at OpenFest 2017.

A short but productive time made possible through writing.