Building your own credential, on the School Sucks Project podcast

I was on the School Sucks Project podcast the other day to chat with Brett Veinotte. In Part 1, we talked about the intellectual and moral foundations of the decision to drop out of college and my own story in doing it. Part 2 is titled Building your own credential.

If you’re looking to drop out or you’ve already dropped out and need some practical advice for what to do next, this episode is for you.

From Brett’s description:

As as follow up to our conversation on dropping out of college, Derek Magill and I explore how to “build your own credential” in lieu of a degree. Derek explains why he believes such a self-directed credential is superior to the four-year degree, and he illustrates how you go on to signal that credential in the market.

Also discussed:
– the journey after dropping out of college
– don’t let your interests “sit in study mode”
– How did Derek land a Director of Marketing job in his early 20s?
– Creating your own job “build a digital paper trail”
– the limits of resumes
– How to establish your online presence

Derek also answers the following listener questions:

– What limits does he see to the Praxis model? As in, industries, careers, and further development.

– What blowback has he experienced in trying to build these partnerships with businesses/startups in regards to their attitude to non-degreed candidates and replacing the college credential (at least for the Praxis participants)?

– What has he learned in building Praxis that those older in life and career could benefit from?

– What struggles have there been with government and establishment ed in building Praxis, specifically in the frame of it being a college alternative?

You can listen to the episode on the School Sucks Project website or iTunes. I also encourage you to support Brett’s show. He’s doing important work.