100+ Quotes about Bitcoin Cash: The Definitive Resource

The BTC/BCH debates are some of the noisiest debates on Twitter today. Accounts are being reported and banned, censorship is high, and trolls spam discussion threads with “bcash, bcash, bcash!”

For the past few weeks I’ve been doing research for a new project and part of that included finding quotes from Bitcoin Cash users. It struck me during my research that all the digital noise and the nature of Twitter make it difficult to find good quotes about the topic.

In the interest of promoting an accurate understanding of Bitcoin Cash, I’ve curated a selection of over 100 quotes from the community (and a few outside of it). The quotes come primarily from Twitter and fall broadly into the categories of Fees & Usability, BCH, Cult & Propaganda, and Scaling.

I hope these quotes can be used in research projects, business ventures, debates, forums, blog posts, books, and however else readers may find them valuable.

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On Fees & Usability

1/ “Bitcoin Core’s transaction fees have made purchasing at our ATMs economically unfeasibly again. We will be resuming sales when/if the meme pool backlog is cleared. Bitcoin Cash purchases are unaffected and working smoothly. Dash also available.” @confuciusatl

2/ “If you think consumers are going to throw away $100s and soon $1000s on transaction fees to open up a payment channel on the lighting network, you are delusional.” @olivierjanss

3/ “I just sent a friend his first $2 worth of BCH…for .000003 BCH, which is roughly $.0054. This is peer to peer. This is decentralized.” @mzietzke

4/ “When BCH reaches over 100,000 USD per coin and has 100s of millions of daily users, the fees on Bitcoin Cash per transaction will be under .01USD for most people. When 5 billion people use it for 10 or more purchases a day of anything from a coffee to a house. Fee ~ .01USD/TX” @ProfFaustus

5/ “The fee situation on BTC is what big blockers have been predicting all along. Ou next prediction: Users will evacuate High Fee Coin for better alternatives. The easiest thing to switch to is BCH.”@ryanxcharles

6/ “I’ve grown tired of the scaling debate. To me it’s over. At this stage if you believe in the original Bitcoin vision of fast, cheap, unchain transactions then you should be using Bitcoin Cash. If you want slow, expensive, unreliable, centralized transactions then use SegwitCoin.” @bronxr

7/ “To those arguing that Bitcoin Core fees are no longer “through the roof,” it only reached this point because you destroyed your user base with an artificial 1mb block size limit. The data speaks for itself – transactions/block down to 2 year lows with dominance at all time lows.” @rogerkver

8/ “Average payment size on Yours is about $1.00. Because we use Bitcoin Cash, fees are about half a percent. If Yours used Bitcoin Legacy, fees would be about %2000, ie, far more than the payments themselves. This is why I refer to Bitcoin Legacy as ‘High Fee Coin.'” @ryanxcharles

9/ “BTC’s right-now use case is dead. BTC is now unusable and wannabe users are told to stop being so demanding.” @isaacmorehouse

Bitcoin cash enables the free flow of value. BTC not so much. The stream was blocked ages ago, as anyone who used it on a daily basis would know.”@onwindowly

10/ “Transaction fees for a digital cash are self defeating. Things become money by being used as money, in other words the “moneyless” of an asset is an emergent phenomenon. TX fees reduce usage, therefore reducing utility and finally reducing value.” @tusharJain_

11/ “BTC supporters yesterday: High fees are great! Pop the Champagne! BTC supporters today: Low fees are great! Pop the Champagne!” @rogerkver

12/ “Bitcoin Core has removed non-reversible transactions by adding “replace by fee” against the will of the community. They did this because their willful neglect caused transaction prices to rise and they thought people should bid on the next block. This goes directly against the Whitepaper.” –  @Annapurna317

13/”Initial impressions of Lightning on testnet: c-lightning segfaults a lot, and when it’s not crashing payments fail more often than not. Writing it in C – a notoriously dangerous language – doesn’t strike me as a good idea.” @peterktodd

14/ “When it’s cheaper (and sometimes faster!) to FedEx private keys to someone than to send a digital payment, Bitcoin is no longer a P2P electronic cash system.” @ErikVoorhees

15/ “Just heard from another merchant adding BCH. I think we’ll see a wave of “dropping BTC, customer support costs too high” within six months.”  @gavinandresen

16/ “Fellow Bitcoiners, are you ever going to realize how problematic these fees are getting? Avg fees now over $40 per tx. A year ago avg fee was $4. A year prior, $0.40. Growing faster than price, and exponentially with usage. We just spent $4800 to move 15 BTC in one TX.”  @ErikVoorhees

17/ “Bitcoin’s usefulness as a store of value comes as a secondary effect from its usefulness as a medium of exchange. If you destroy the medium of exchange, you destroy the store of value.” @rogerkver

18/ “This “store of value” nonsense really needs to stop. Bitcoin MUST have functional utility to justify the current price. If you insist that bitcoin is nothing but a store of value you are just asking for the millions that you have made to go poof.” @chrispacia

19/ “Bitcoin’s payment system functionality was deprecated in 2014 and removed completely on November 8, 2017. Any businesses that need payment system functionality should upgrade to Bitcoin Cash immediately.” @ryanxcharles

I remember a time when Bitcoin was fast and cheap to send. Sigh.” @jeffreytucker

On Bitcoin Cash

20/ “@YoursOrg is one of my favorite real world business examples for Bitcoin Cash. Small casual transactions with an excellent user experience.” @thecryptokidd

21/ “I’ve used Bitcoin Cash for personal transfers and have sent some friends a few dollars to help them get started. I just had my first experience with using BCH on yours.org and it was an amazing experience. The future for sure!” @danwag06

22/ “Bitcoin Cash is the most promising cash alternative on the horizon!”@crypzos

24/ “I love it because it’s actually being used to good effect as a currency, especially in the Philippines to donate food and supplies which is near and dear to my heart and family.

These coins are only as good as what we do with them.” @SOTMead

25/ “Increased my holdings of Bitcoin Cash today. There was a long need for a blockchain good for payments, that makes certain tradeoffs to achieve that, and I think from a UX point of view, Bitcoin Cash has much better chances of winning the upcoming payments war than LN.” @CobraBitcoin

26/ “Bitcoin cash is coming to every phone in the world. No account needed.” @CoinText

27/ “It is the Bitcoin everyone got excited about in the first place.” @KingDevon11

28/ “Bitcoin Cash carries Satoshi’s vision as a currency for all people rich and poor without anyone having to rely on a third party for permission.” @SheriUcar

29/ “BCH community has the most able minded group hands down. They are philosophically minded with the correct overtones of practicality.” @ColinAd33006332

30/ “BCH is designed to be useable by as many people as possible, regardless of how much money they earn, what country they live in, or how accessible the internet is for them.” @hardforkoftruth

31/ “Everyday you see Bitcoin people abandon BTC and join the BCH community. Wonder why you never see it the other way around?” @AlexPickard

32/ “I’ve been into Bitcoin for 7+ years. I’ve traded all my BTC for BCH because Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.” @realJohnnyBCH

33/ “Bitcoin Cash shows me the drive, passion, and evangelism that once was driving Bitcoin.” @marcdemesel

34/ “Both of my companies will be accepting BCH as a form of payment. One is starting immediately…” @danwag06

35/ “In February 2017 I woke up everyday dreading the toxicity of the block size debate and having second thoughts about my industry of choice. In February 2018 I wake up every day excited to be building the economy of the future with scalable, sound digital money.” @ryanxcharles

36/ “Bitcoin has the potential to be sound money for the planet. If I thought the BTC project was going to uplift humanity I would support it, but instead if is now a mechanism for the elite. Bitcoin Cash is for everybody, so let’s spread BCH and prosperity to every corner of the Earth, ok?” @SeatacBCH

37/ “So excited about Bitcoin Cash and where she is going!” – @OnWindowly

38/ “Payments is the best use-case for blockchain technology because it is a pre-requisite for more advanced smart contracts. The best way to make payments happen is to empower people to earn Bitcoin Cash for the work they do. Can earn in ways not possible with fiat currency.” @ryanxcharles

39/ “The cypherpunk and anti-establishment people need to wake up and realize act Bitcoin Cash is the last bastion of hope for the idea of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash’s success is the only proof that a project cannot even be co-opted from within.” @pwasensteiner

40/ “Bitcoin Cash is not like Litecoin or BTC were it takes 4 years to debate about upgrading.” – @onwindowly

41/ “Bitcoin Cash will enable so many business models and innovative use-cases. Tipprbot, Yours, Cointext, all amazing and just touching the surface of BCH potential.” @derekmagill

42/ “The Bitcoin blockchain has the potential to become the most valuable instrument ever created by mankind. Thank goodness that the true implementation lives on in Bitcoin Cash.” @brendo_l

43/ “While Bitcoin Core users are belittling people as “nocoiners” and screaming “bcash,” Bitcoin (BCH) users are saving lives and sending money to real people all around the world.” @derekmagill

44/ “I wish BTC all the luck in the world, but it isn’t the Bitcoin described in the Bitcoin white paper and it isn’t the Bitcoin that I devoted the last 7 years of my life to promoting. Bitcoin is BCH.” @rogerkver

45/ “BTC Is the fork. BCH is the original.” @aaronsevivas 

46/ “In Bitcoin’s early days, people would give out coins left and right to people to get them excited about using Bitcoin for the first time. Nowadays Core sneers at everyone who doesn’t own it. BCH was as much a technical hard fork as a cultural one. It restores the old culture.” @derekmagill

47/ “At this point, support for BTC is a bet on a company, while supporting for BCH is a bet on a decentralized protocol – the original blockchain crypto.” @isaacmorehouse

48/ “Thanks to you they have enough food for weeks. Thank you BCH.” @eatbch

49/ “Happily there are multiple BCH teams. I think the ones that have the best code and communicate best will have the most long-term success.” @gavinandresen

50/ “We are the original Bitcoin’ers that got banned for tipping people on remote subreddits, talked too loud at bars, and literally mined out of parents and survived the Bitcoin price winter.” @aaronsevivas

51/ “Bitcoin Cash is not trying to capitalize on the Bitcoin brand. It’s trying to save the brand which is being destroyed by people who no longer believe in it. Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash offering fast, secure, and reliable global payment with low fees.” @ergophobe

52/ “In the 6-7 months that BCH has existed, it’s seen the fastest rate of adoption of all coins in history and a revival of the original grassroots movement that made cryptocurrency a thing.” @sayurichick

53/ “Bitcoin Cash is focused on rapid innovation, merchant adoption, and utility as a currency. Smart contracts are incoming on BCH network as well. So we are excited about the future of the Bitcoin family.” @wisewizzz

54/ “Bitcoin (BTC) stopped being useful for cash transactions. Now it is losing it’s peer-to-peer functionality too – it’s becoming hub & spoke. How far do we have to go from the white paper to understand that BTC no longer is Bitcoin? Luckily we have Bitcoin Cash.” @cjdcosta

55/ “To all the Bitcoin merchants out there, you don’t have to drop Bitcoin as a payment method anymore. We fixed the problem and launched Bitcoin Cash. We’re ready!” – @davidshares

56/ “(BCH) life is easy. Low fees, fast transaction, but most importantly… Everyone is focused on building. – We’re getting on-chain tokens that will compete with ERC20 – We’re getting privacy – We can post freely on r/btc without censorship, even when we disagree” – @abrkn

57/ “The Truth About Bitcoin Cash: 1) Those who vilify it and its supporters have suspect motives. 2) Those who support it will lead happier, freer, & wealthier lives. 3) It is the most useful money ever created. 4) It was created as a last resort to save Bitcoin. 5) BCH is Bitcoin.” @derekmagill

58/ “Bitcoin Legacy (BTC) is no longer based on the original Bitcoin technology. The Core developers have decided that the original technology is fundamentally broken. Therefore, BTC is now “potentially peer-to-peer cash in the future once a group of brilliant developers creates the revolutionary new technology called The Lightning Network!@steveinpursuit

59/ “I consider BCH a legitimate contender for the bitcoin name. I consider bitcoin’s *failure* to raise block sizes to keep fees reasonable to be a large (non-consensual) change to the “original plan”, morally tantamount to a hard fork.” @vitalikbuterin

60/ “Bought my first bitcoin for $6 in 2011. Sold my last bitcoin for $6227 in 2017. Bitcoin has been taken over by people who do not share my values. Bitcoin Cash is the vision I signed up for in 2011. The possibility of financial freedom for everyone.” @ryanxcharles

61/ “Bitcoin Cash is what I started working on in 2010: a store of value AND means of exchange.”  @gavinandresen

On Cult & Propaganda

62/ “Core shills are going very deliberate propoganda against Bitcoin.com, against Bitcoin Cash, and all of its supporters. These people are the lowest scum in the crypto world. No other community in crypto is acting like them.” @edinkuky

63/ “Censorship, shadow banning, mass-reporting and FUD against BCH are reaching all-time highs. It’s always darkest before the dawn.” @CryptoWyvern

64/ “To the people asking for r/btc to be given over to r/bitcoin, r/btc was created because 10,000s of us were banned from r/bitcoin. I don’t think you realize how offensive it is to ask us to give r/btc over to r/bitcoin.” @PWasensteiner

65/ “The censorship on r/bitcoin is really surprising. I just unsubscribed from r/bitcoin and subscribed to r/btc/.” @brian_armstrong

66/ “Blockstream was always out to kill Bitcoin.” @ProfFaustus

67/ “We worked so damn hard for merchant acceptance, and now the buffoons developing Bitcoin Core have created anti-adoption. What a joke.” @steveinpursuit

68/ “I used to dislike BCH thinking it was stealing BTC’s branding. Then I realized BTC was hijacked long ago.” @jcalvo_91

69/ “Bitcoin Core is a cult. They believe Coinbase is a conspiracy because they believe everything that contradicts their cult is a conspiracy. In reality, Bitcoin Cash is better than Bitcoin Core and that is why businesses and users are switching. It is not a conspiracy.” @ryanxcharles

70/ “The reason there is so much hostility from Bitcoin Core towards Bitcoin Cash is because Core knows they have stolen the name but are advocating a completely different system than what was originally described by Satoshi. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.” @rogerkver

71/ “It’s weird that people think Roger is the entirety of Bitcoin Cash.” @haydentiff

72/ “The Cult of Bitcoin Core claim all alt coins are scams and that Bitcoin is the only thing that matters. Then they brag about Bitcoin’s trade volume which is almost entirely propped up by alt coin trading.” – @derekmagill

73/ “BTC was hijacked by Blockstream and a few other players. You can directly correlate the beginning of this to the announcement thread of their company and their ama on reddit.” @buddhamangler

74/ “Every time I see the word “BCASH” my resolve to be part of making Bitcoin Cash become the success that Bitcoin was meant to be only strengthens. Every one in this crypto space is only here because of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper; the very design which Bitcoin Cash aligns to.” @xeriou

75/ “I was once a Bitcoin Cash hater but the first time I transferred my BTC to another exchange it took so long I started learning and I was made aware why Bitcoin Cash hard forked. Bitcoin is BCH.” – @kinglutroh

76/ “I’m not sure whether Core really thinks sending regulators after Bitcoin Cash users is the moral thing to do or whether they just want to stop it by any means necessary.” – @derekmagill

77/ “Since 2014 Blockstream has worked to disable BTC with one purpose in mind: impose fee paying LN on the community and ecosystem. But it had to look like there was no other way. BCH is the other way, hence the hate.” @bitcoineinquirer

78/ “People that are unhappy about Bitcoin being referred to as “Bitcoin Core” should remember that they were the ones who started the political-rename war by calling Bitcoin Cash “BCASH.” @cobrabitcoin

79/ “BTC supporters don’t care bout the philosophy behind Satoshi’s white paper and what made Bitcoin great in the first place. Blind supporters of Blockstream and their one way narrative. Propaganda indeed.” @tonykay31

80/ “Supporting Bitcoin Cash today feels a lot like supporting Bitcoin in 2013-2015. Back then, the arguments were “it’s a scam,” “only shady people use it,” and “it will never replace the USD.” Nothing has really changed except BTC is the “impossible to be replaced” currency.”@AlexPickard

81/ “Segwit never got more than 30% support on its own. It was only activated as a “compromise” in order to increase the block size limit to 2MB. Then Core threatened to create chaos and confusion if the 2MB portion of Segwit2x activated, and effectively torpedoed the compromise.” @Bitcoin

82/ “Core has the most obnoxious, brainless, spineless and malicious people among crypto communities…” @Egon_01

83/ “It has been interesting to watch Bitcoin Core, which just in December was calling for Coinbase to be punished for insider trading, fall on their knees and bow now that Coinbase has Segwit. It’s almost as if their real aim the first time around was a propaganda one.” @derekmagill

84/ “I consider Theymos’s moderation policies on /r/bitcoin absolutely deplorable.” @vitalikbuterin

85/ “@CobraBitcoin It is your evilness of doing censorship in the past few years that has co-caused all the dramas. I was very late to great scaling debate and it was after your great censorship job. You used dark force of censorship and you should take the responsibility.” @JihanWu

86/ “Bitcoin is turning into a failed project. The seeds of its destruction among the debris of a community blinded by numerical price increases, and imminent divine reclamation. One day you will all understand my words but it will be too late, the ship would have sailed.” @AmirPolyteknik

87/ “I’m thinking that the critics of BCH are not looking good. No pump and dump sustains like this. BCH is useful right now. Wallets are online and good to go.” @jeffreytucker

88/ “Bitcoin Core is obsessed with talking about the importance of the “Bitcoin brand” but see nothing wrong in allowing the brand to be tarnished in the eyes of businesses everywhere because of high fees and full blocks. Took years to get companies to jump on board. Now they leave.” @derekmagill

89/ “I literally know one and only one person personally who is libertarian/anarchist who is pro BTC at this point, to hundreds who used to be but got turned away by constant bans and trolls and absence of all reason. Cults are unbecoming.” @isaacmorehouse

On Scaling

90/ “The people attempting to delay scaling are those who do not use Bitcoin. They are the attack.” @profFaustus

91/ “Bitcoin was destined to become a global currency until its usability was intentionally destroyed. First mover advantage has been lost. Sad.” @Thefurlyghost1

92/ “The choice between small blocks and dynamics blocks is a philosophical choice as much as it is a technical one. Should a cartel of developers centrally plan Bitcoin or should they leave it open to the market?” @derekmagill

93/ “Remember, not a single one of us wanted Bitcoin Cash to happen. We did everything in our power, offered every conceived olive branch, including reducing our demands for a capacity increase by 90% and offering to activate segwit to avoid a chain split.

But the Core developers and their supporters were so intransigent that they refused to compromise even an inch. So there was no alternative but a chain split. Now we’re being viciously attacked by these douche bags for splitting a chain, which was 100% avoidable.” @ChrisPacia

94/ “BTC became a minority alt of Bitcoin when taking Segwit without 2mb. What is called Bitcoin now is actually an alt, forked off Bitcoin.” @haq4good

95/ “Segwit has been the bane of Bitcoin’s existence. It split the community, triggered an avalanche of forks and yet no-one is using it…” @vinnylingham

96/ “There is no scaling issue with Bitcoin other than politics and BCH has solved this.” @profFaustus

97/ “We need Bitcoin Cash because Segwit is just a patch like a pirate with one eye.”@nuonrg

98/ “SegWit is essentially a hard fork disguised as a soft fork. It strips the regular block out of most meaningful information and moves it to the extension block.” @deadalnix

99/ “If Bitcoin had been allowed to scale in a timely fashion, there would be no Bitcoin Cash, there would be no Ethereum, and most of the other alt coins would never have gained any traction at all. Bitcoin would have experienced no real loss of dominance in the market.” @rogerkver

100/ “The rejection of S2X was the economic version of the Jonestown mass suicide…” @steveinpursuit

101/ “There is no doubt in my mind that the great majority in the BTC community are genuine in their desire to preserve decentralization. Even if I believe they grossly overestimate the impact of slightly larger blocks. But notice there is no such reciprocal assumption of good will.” @ChrisPacia

Please assume that any mistakes in these quotes are mine and that no quote is an endorsement of me or this blog.

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