Argumentum ad Rogerum

The Argumentum ad Rogerum is a logical fallacy used frequently by Bitcoin Core zealots, bots, charlatans and sock puppets to shift the discussion of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core from philosophy, economics and technology to the character of Roger Ver, the founder and owner of

Variants of this are the Argumentum ad Wright and the Argumentum ad Wu, or another similar fallacy I like to refer to simply as “CHINA!” which attempts to shift the discussion one level more beyond individuals to a particular ethnic group.

This argument violates the law that Bitcoin is a trustless system and does not require any individual actor to be trustworthy or moral for it to work.

A trustless system is one that does not depend upon the intentions of its participants, who may be honorable or malicious. The system functions in the same manner regardless of intentions.

My personal suspicion is that it is not really meant to be taken seriously but instead to create digital noise so that accurate information is difficult to hear, but there is also a case to be made that new users do not fully understand the idea of trustless systems and can be more easily swayed to reject Bitcoin Cash on the false claims about Roger Ver’s character, who far from being a crook, is a hero for the work he has done.

Time will tell how effective it is but I expect markets will speak louder than the words of internet trolls.

Here are a few examples. A simple Twitter search will reveal many more:

I have spent a good deal of time responding to people who use the Argumentum ad Rogerum and have learned now that is mostly a useless task. They will not see the truth because truth is not their aim.

To borrow a lesson from Dog Whisperer Caesar Milan in South Park:

The child needs to learn that he’s not the most important person in the house. I’m not looking at the child, I’m not acknowledging the child, I’m just letting the child know that I’m not interested in him. See the child thinks your world revolves around him because it does. Because everything he does gets a response from you. Don’t reason with it, don’t argue with it, just dominate it.

We have better work to do than to roll in the mud with them.

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More examples of the Argumentum ad Rogerum: