Six generations of Praxis websites

Praxis launched its 6th new website┬ádesign in the last 4 years this month. I thought it would be fun to look back in time on the Internet Archive and get screenshots of all of our sites so I could see where we’ve been and where we’ve come.

Something I’ve experienced at any company I’ve worked with is that you will never like your website very long. It’s no different at Praxis. Every site iteration, though initially exciting, ended in me looking for excuses to push forward a redesign.

But now that I look back, I’m just happy about all we’ve accomplished as a company, perfect design or not.

Site 1

This is the site we launched with back in 2013.

Site 2

We quickly pivoted the design to this one, though I think this is a step back.

Site 3

We spent a ton of money and time moving our site over to WordPress and getting a new design. I was new to managing contractors and struggled greatly to communicate what I wanted for this site.

Site 4

I built this site entirely myself on a much more simplified WordPress theme, the code of which I could understand. I was never happy with it because my design and development skills are limited, but the launch of the site led to a great increase in quality leads.

Site 5

Our last site wasn’t really a full redesign, just a small facelift.

Site 6

This is our current site and by far my favorite. RIP orange hero section. You were beautiful, truly, but it was time for a change.

I was able to work with designer Rafal Tomal to get the designs I’d always wanted. I spent months before contacting him researching sites I liked, mapping out ideas and planning. Since Chuck Grimmett joined us as our CTO a year or so ago, he was able to do all the development in-house while I wrote copy with Isaac and Brian set up links, forms and landing pages.

I’m hoping we get two years or so out of this site and a ton of business before I grow to hate it as well. For now, I’m thrilled with what we’ve done with it. Take a look!