Intro to a graduation speech

I was the Student Body President in high school and was set to give the graduation speech. At the last minute the administration decided that they didn’t want it to be a “popularity contest” and selected someone randomly to give it.

I think the more likely reason was because they knew I wanted to say something like this:

I won’t commit the blasphemy of saying that
a recent graduate
is on the brink of adulthood

They wanted someone to repeat the same old tired lines that “these are the best years of our lives” and “we grew up so much and I’m so proud of all of you,” and so on. I wanted to try to convince a few people to question the value of the entire experience of compulsory schooling.

Well, I didn’t get to give my speech, but if I ever do get to speak at a high school or college graduation, I think I’ll start with this.