Just do your job wallpaper

I think most of the problems in people’s lives come from them not dealing with the 3-5 things of actual importance.

Professionally, things like personal branding, self education, networking, and social media do not matter unless you just do your job first. Seriously, just do your job. If you hate your job and are actively looking for another job, just do your current job well first. If you hate your boss, do your job well before you complain. If you see your friends making cool vlogs and they seem like they’re really “going places,” turn the vlog off and do your job, it doesn’t matter.

Nothing will do more for your life, your career, your confidence, your network, your knowledge, and your wealth. Just do your job.

I created an iPhone wallpaper for our Praxis participants to remind them that during their apprenticeship, everything else is secondary to getting their work done.

They could do everything in the program curriculum but if they fail to get things done at work, they “fail” the program.

You can download a hi-res copy for yourself here.