RIP, Star Wars

I’ve tried hard to like the new Star Wars movies. The series was such a big part of my life growing up. I watched the movies religiously, had all the Legos, played the video games, read Wookiepedia and watched YouTube channels breaking down Star Wars lore.

Though I think Disney’s decision to declare almost everything created in the Star Wars universe “non-canon” is an egregious betrayal of the fans, I was willing to forgive them if they produced equal or better material than what already existed. They have failed. They failed so badly I included them in my annual “airing of grievances” for 2017.

Star Wars has become another Disney action-adventure series — all visual effects, and the only attempt at originality come in the form of Marvel-style comedic relief. The story is weak, the characters are unmemorable, and the themes are driven far too much by today’s political climate.

Star Wars has collapsed.
Disney will try again.
The horror.