First try at newspaper blackout poetry

One of the pages in the Steal Like an Artist Journal by Austin Kleon tells you to “create a newspaper blackout poem,”¬†which are poems made by redacting newspapers with a permanent marker.

I’ve been completing the journal because it’s a ton of fun and it helps me wake up a side of myself that I shut down way back in elementary school.

The whole activity was surprisingly hard. It’s not easy to work within the constraints of a limited bit of text. I had no idea just how much my creative fiction muscles had atrophied.

This one is titled The real root of evil.

This was supposed to go:

We don’t need a
but we get one anyways.

I got distracted and Sharpie-d over “but we get one.” Creation begets improvisation.

I wish I had an assistant (or two) who would protect me from meetings.

In case you’re wondering, I used a ultra fine, fine, and extra bold Sharpie to make these and a copy of the New York Times purchased from Starbucks.