Fall and Summer 2017 Speaking Schedule

Speaking in Lviv earlier this year.

2017 has been my busiest speaking year yet. I’m actually writing this post from the airport lounge in Minneapolis after a guest lecture I did in St. Louis yesterday.

In the first two quarters, I spoke at a number of conferences in the US and at events in Ukraine and Prague. This summer and fall have filled up quickly and I’ve got at least 10 upcoming events in the second half of 2017.

Below is a list of currently confirmed events. I hope to meet you there at one of them

June 8 // Atlanta (FEE High School Seminar on Entrepreneurship at West Georgia)

June 16 // Atlanta (FEECon 2017 Panel)

July 12 // St. Louis (FEE High School Seminar on Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University)

July 21st // Atlanta (FEE High School Seminar on Entrepreneurship at Ogelthorpe University)

August 2nd // Atlanta (Praxis Weekend Workshop  with Chuck Grimmett on Freelancing)

September 19th // Waterville, Maine (DisruptColby at Colby College)

September 30th //Reykjavík, Iceland (ESFL Regional Conference)

October 6th // Mackinac Island (Michigan Construction Leadership Summit)

October 14th // São Paulo, Brazil (LibertyCon Brazil 2017)

October X // Tuzla, Bosnia (TBD)

October 27th // Sarajevo, Bosnia (OpenFest 2017)

November 1st // Starkville (IHS Seminar at Mississippi State)

November 4th // Ohio (Students for Liberty Regional at Ohio State)

November 4th // Salt Lake City Live Webcast (Students for Liberty Regional Webcast with TK Coleman)

November 11th // Tallahassee (Students for Liberty Regional)

November 18th // Warsaw, Poland (TBD)

November X // Dublin (Trinity College – TBD)

November 23rd // Belfast, Ireland (European Students for Liberty Regional Conference)

More events are currently in the works and I’ll post them here soon.

I never really intended to make a mini career out of lectures and talks, but I’ve found that I enjoy it the more I do it. It’s a great excuse to meet people, travel, and promote ideas that are important to me.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the events hopefully.