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Hi. I’m Derek.

I'm the Director of Marketing at Praxis and the author of an upcoming book. I help people skip college, build a career, and educate themselves.

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What people are saying...

"Derek Magill's unpredictable, wild, incisive, creative spark is priceless. He is the master experimenter with an insatiable appetite for methods and models of marketing and he never waits for permission to begin building them. — Isaac Morehouse, Founder of Praxis
"Within 48 hours of reading Derek Magill’s eBook, I had written up my value proposition and gotten a job. — Nick Rundlett, Sales Development at GuildQuality
"Like Occam's razor, Derek gets right down to what needed to achieve your career goals. — Michael Hodges
"Раптом комусь цікаво: ні, я не маю наміру кидати університет, тут дійсно цікаво. Однак слова Дерека змусили замислитись над вибором ментора та роботою "на досвід" уже. Не гайте часу і ви)" — Romaniya Strots'ka